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There is palpable positive energy at Performing Arts PT.  It flows

from it’s owner, Melinda, to the excellent PT staffers who support

the clients well-being and healing.  It’s an extremely popular physical therapy

clinic but that doesn’t detract from the individualized treatment and guidance.

Performing Arts offers Pilates-based therapy, which is amazing. While you work

hard, the reformer exercises feel safe and structured with smaller margin of error

than any other PT I’ve experienced.  The therapists have a wonderfully positive

perspective and truly believe their programs will get results.  So far in my case,

they’ve been right.

This is a busy place because they get results.  

Robert S.

The life changing help given by the health therapists of this organization can not be stressed too importantly. The applause begins with Dr. Melinda Bryan. She is a master of study and practice. Her knowledge and her humanity are great. She evaluates, tends and treats each patient for the unique person they are. She employs people as brilliant as herself. Dr Bryan shares her knowledge with interns in the tradition of the master, she is. The excellence of treatment is supplemented with a pleasant, very clean and airy surrounding that is cheerful, positive and operates for the health and healing of patients, and for an everyday pleasant environment for staff members, too. You will heal here. You will be glad you were so lucky to be treated here. Thank you Dr. Bryan for the restored use, no longer painful, and no longer frozen, shoulder.
Noreen G.

Couldn’t live successfully without Melinda’s physical therapy (and her staff too!) 

Camille P.

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