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For Basic Pilates Instruction get the PERSONAL STUDIO GUIDES™ recommended and utilized by Certified Pilates Instructors and their clients daily. Written by number one best selling author Melinda Bryan, founder and director of Performing Arts Physical Therapy & The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles, world renowned Physical Therapist, and Principal Pilates Master Teacher Trainer for over 20 years!  Book are designed for everyone!


With PICTURES to accompany every exercise the pocket sized PERSONAL STUDIO GUIDE is designed for anyone with basic Pilates knowledge and in good health. Intended for personal use at home or while exercising at any Pilates equipped fitness center. Perfect for use when access to private Pilates instruction is not feasible or convenient.


Certified Pilates Instructors recommend these guides to traveling busy clients as a way to maintain their exercise program while on vacation or away on business. Now you can maintain your regular Pilates routine no matter where you are… No excuses… Books are not intended to replace professional Pilates Instruction by a Certified Pilates Instructor. One should always seek professional instruction from a Certified Pilates Instructor whenever possible. Personal Studio Guide (pocket books) available for Pilates Reformer, Pilates Mat, Pilates Cadillac, Pilates Barrels, and Pilates Chairs…


Collect all 5 PERSONAL STUDIO GUIDES™ here today!





For Detailed Pilates Instruction, get THE OFFICIAL PILATES TRAINING MANUALS offered by The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles, since 1992. Written by Melinda Bryan.


With PICTURES to accompany every exercise… Available for the first time to the general public since 1992, the easy to follow industry secret Official Pilates Training Manuals, previously available only to a selective few, are now available to everyone. The manuals are based on The Original Pilates Teacher Certification Program developed by The Pilates Studio. The industry standard manuals are used by Certified Pilates Experts, Health Care Practitioners, as The Universal Official Pilates Training Manuals Worldwide!


All manuals have been recently revised to meet today’s medical information, while at the same time maintaining all of the original principles and purity of the method. Some hard to find rarely taught Pilates routines are included. For the absolute best, most up to date, complete Pilates repertoire get the official manuals by Melinda Bryan and the Pilates Studio.



Pilates MAT Personal Studio Guide

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