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Melinda Bryan Pilates For Pregnancy & After Pregnancy

How Pilates can benefit pregnant women:

  • Improves balance and coordination as the body changes
  • Focuses on abdominal and pelvic muscle strengthening
  • Maintains muscle strength, tone, and flexibility
  • Reduces incidence of low back pain

How Pilates can benefit women after pregnancy:

  • Focuses on abdominal and pelvic muscle strengthening
  • Increases muscle strength, tone, and flexibility
  • Improves posture and alignment
  • Increases endurance and lessens fatigue
  • Enhances weight loss and trims your waistline


Enjoy a routine of effective exercises for the woman during her pregnancy period and beyond.


In Disc 1 you learn to become better aware of your body as it goes through remarkable changes. By taking just a few minutes a day, you can tone and firm while preparing for childbirth.


Disc 2 helps ensure a speedy postpartum recovery by toning, firming and strengthening the areas of your body that have gone through incredible change.


Get back to your pre-pregnancy weight in a short time. Prepare for the exciting months ahead with your new baby!


Melinda Bryan, mother, physical therapist and certified Pilates master teacher is sought after as the Pilates fitness consultant by Hollywood’s most elite celebrities and stars.


With over 15 years of experience, she is known as the first in Southern California and one of the first in the world to use innovative Pilates techniques to help clients achieve greater strength, flexibility, and endurance during their rehabilitation and fitness programs.


As owner and director of Performing Arts Physical Therapy and The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles, she teaches and certifies fitness professionals from all over the world with her traditional time tested Pilates system.


Melinda’s combined knowledge in both the medical and fitness fields effectively helps all of her clients improve the quality of their life.

Melinda Bryan has appeared on popular TV shows and in numerous magazines, including The Today Show, Leeza, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, Allure, Rosie, Ms.Fit, and Los Angeles Times.


Her centers' team of therapists and instructors keep performing artists in shape and injury free. They provide on-site service for many dance companies and Broadway theatrical productions in Los Angeles, including Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Aida, and The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, Sunset Boulevard, and Guys and Dolls.


Melinda has a variety of academic affiliations with local universities and has lectured internationally on Pilates and performing arts medicine.

Now keeping with the tradition of being a leader in her field, she has created the first. Pilates After Pregnancy Exercise Program for women of all ages!


Announcing the world’s first Pilates For Pregnancy, and Pilates After Pregnancy fitness videos. Enjoy a routine of effective strengthening & stretching exercises as you learn to become better aware of your body while preparing for childbirth, and slim and tone after childbirth.


These videos are safe, easy to follow, & will help to ensure a speedy recovery. Most importantly, they are approved by doctors for women of all ages.

Pilates For Pregnancy & After Pregnancy DVD Bundle

$19.99 Regular Price
$8.99Sale Price
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