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Pilates After Pregnancy - Melinda Bryan "This is the video all moms should have after having a baby!" Whether you have recently had your baby, or if years have passed, even if you have had more than one child, get back in shape fast with Melinda’s specially designed program!


This video was produced just 8 weeks after Melinda gave birth to a happy healthy baby boy. (See Melinda's "Pilates For Pregnancy" video) There was no trick photography or trimming done to our picture of Melinda on the video's cover shot. Melinda actually returned to her normal shape and size within the 8 weeks, even after having her third child. "The proof is in the puddin’!" Melinda's Pilates programs really work!




  • How Pilates can benefit women after pregnancy:
    • Focuses on abdominal and pelvic muscle strengthening
    • Increases muscle strength, tone, and flexibility
    • Improves posture and alignment
    • Increases endurance and lessens fatigue
    • Enhances weight loss and trims your waistline


Enjoy a routine of effective exercises for the woman during her post pregnancy period and beyond. Ensure a speedy postpartum recovery by taking just a few minutes a day to tone and firm the areas of your body that have gone through remarkable change. Get back to your pre-pregnancy weight in a short time. Prepare for the exciting months ahead with your new baby!


SHAPE Fit Pregnancy, April-May 2003


"...upbeat, original soundtrack certified Pilates Master teacher Melinda Bryan leads viewers through a seamless routine that builds..."

Pilates After Pregnancy DVD

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$6.99Sale Price
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