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"Pour Mon Amour" - Pop Classical


The POP CLASSICAL Album is an exciting up-tempo musical compilation. The tracks combine pop and classical sounds offering a steady rhythmic beat.


Original music SPECIFICALLY created for PILATES ROUTINES. Music performed by THE UPTOWN MAESTROS.  This special original music series was specifically designed to create an instant positive environment. The sophisticated instrumental sounds are... Powerful, Inspiring, Moving, and Motivating. The music will take you to a higher level and leave you feeling great about living.


The Uptown Maestros were hired by The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles to create original music to be used to accompany the exercise program in their newly released Pilates for Pregnancy fitness video, designed and performed by Melinda Bryan. In the process of developing this music, The Uptown Maestros were faced with a unique challenge. There was no recipe to follow.


So The Uptown Maestros began extensive research and found that there were several variations in the Pilates method. Some schools presentation of the method is slower with more of a Yoga like feel, while others were energetic and dynamic. One thing was consistent within most of the leading schools, and that was that the Pilates method was more exciting and effective when performed with a rhythm.


Research has shown that people who listen to music during their workout will not only tend to workout more frequently, but will also see better results than those who do not.


Each song within The Pilates Music for Life™ Series has been specially created to enhance your workout. Unlike your typical home collection of music, which normally takes you through many different emotions, sometimes sad, happy, too fast or slow, this music series is always uplifting and energetic.


The tempo is the key! You will find that The Uptown Maestros have discovered the perfect tempo to keep your body moving as you do your Pilates routine. After spending numerous hours working very closely with the leaders from different Pilates schools, The Uptown Maestros have identified the tempos that work for everyone.


The songs allow you to do your routine on the beat for a more energetic workout or on every other beat for a more relaxing program. Each album will take you through a gradual change in pace to provide a warm up, a continuous workout tempo, and a cool down. It is sure to make your workout most enjoyable!


The Pilates Music For Life™ Series is also perfect for other activities such as: Yoga, Walking, Jogging, Cycling, and Skating.


The perfect atmosphere in Pilates studios, fitness centers or spas.


This music is so good you will enjoy listening to the albums as an alternative to radio around the house or while driving

"Pour Mon Amour" - Pop Classical

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